Friday, February 6, 2009

Human Trafficking

I wanted to blog about that but Monica as now made a post that basically say what I wanted to say so I'll just copy/paste :-)

AntiCultControversies : Message: Allegations of "Human Trafficking" in Scientology:

Here is a website that is a good example of the problem I am having with some of the claims being made by ex/anti-Scientologists.

Here, they are accusing Scientology of practicing "human trafficking", a very serious offense that involves slavery of people, usually people who were in extremely vulnerable positions to begin with, such as people from third world countries living in extreme conditions of poverty. People are either kidnapped and forced to work as slaves or prostitutes or they are lured into a situation under false pretenses and then forced to stay and work. This is a very serious international problem.

However, is Scientology practicing this by recruiting people into the Sea Organization? That seems to me to be a stretch, yet in this discussion, one person even went so far as to allege the practice is widespread in every Scientology org. People can go to this link and witness what happened when I and a few others tried to challenge this:

It is interesting to see how they take certain parts of official definitions of Human Trafficking out of context and try to apply it to Scientology. If criteria were that loose, however, I wonder how many mainstream organizations would also be in trouble.


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