Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is the London CoS Still There?

More than 10 years ago a poster in ARS called Roland claimed that after some TV footage on Scientology, the CoS in London will soon vanish. I used to regularly post the question in ARS "Is the London CoS still there?"

I guess it still is...

And for all their boasting about "destroying the CoS", and more than one year of protests, Shallonymous did not manage to close down even a single mission. Quite on the contrary, new ones open, and the CoS is busy buying expensive historical buildings around the world.

Scientology has seen more formidable enemies than Shallonyous. As for the Internet influence, critics would have to do way better than promoting myths if they want to have any kind of long-term impact as well. Stopping their hypocretical bans on dissenters and stopping their attack against them as "cult apologists" would be a good start.

bts2free on Marty Rathbun - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups:

"R. Hill

chuckbeatty77 wrote:
>> ....snip...

>> It's nearly over

> I doubt it.

> Let's see who's right on that one.

> Remember this exchange, in 2020, let's see who was right.

Yeah. That was more than 20 years ago, 1984:

'Scientology: A collapsing empire?'

After Snow White, at a time of landscape trials (Latey, Armstrong/Breckenridge, and shortly thereafter, Wollersheim, then a few years after, TIME in 1991, etc.)

However, nowadays, information travels in a very low-viscosity medium, unforeseen by Hubbard: teh internet. Bad time for scams, but I wouldn't dare saying 'it's over.' I wish to be proven wrong any time though.


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