Monday, March 23, 2009

Nashville New Building to Be Ready before Summer

On June 29, 2008, I reported on the Church of Scientology Religious Trust having bought the Fall School Business Center on 8th Avenue in Nashville, with the comment from the reporter that "Haynes says it was very important that the historic building be well preserved by its new owners, and looking at other historic buildings purchased by the Church of Scientology around the country, he was convinced there buildings character would remain intact."

On Feb. 17, 2009 I reported about Shallownimous spending their Valentine day in inept protests about the opening of this new location, with the comment from the reporter that "Whatever the Scientologists are up to in there, at least they aren’t the ones standing on street corners, wearing creepy masks and offering cake to strangers."

The article below points to the fact that renovations are under way and opening is expected before summer. However, it also says it will be a "celebrity centre" and not an "ideal org" pointing to the possibility that the CoS may retain it's current building even after the renovation are completed.

The article also mentions criticism from one Todd Lake, who works for a Christian university, and the response by the CoS' representative.

Scientology grows with new center | | The Tennessean
"The Church of Scientology is expanding in Nashville, opening what the religion calls a "celebrity centre" at the historic Fall School Business Center on 8th Avenue South and Chestnut Street.

Renovations are under way at the 36,000 square-foot building, with an opening expected before summer" [...]

""It's not worse because it's Scientology, or better because it's Christian," she said. "Who is to say who is better or who's not? The point with the money is what is being done with it. We reinvest in our community."" [...]

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