Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shallonymous Caliber Politician is no Premier Material

I still have no more time nowadays than just check the top 3 Scientology news in Google. No sign of Shallownymous or anything the like, except the recent news where the opposition leader in Australia has seriously put his career in jeopardy by forwarding typical critical/shallownymous unverified claims of Scientology corruption that in fact turned out to be fakes (most probably created by Shallownymous themselves as this is the kind of things they like to indulge into):

"This is a person who purports to be the alternative Premier, somebody who must be sensible and solid in his governing of a state, who has shown an appalling lack of judgement."

Indeed, like Hilary's vote for the Iraq war, such a Shallownymous lack of judgement, IMHO, rules him out for any role as a Premier.



Anonymous said...

There were a series of investigative reports from the tv channel KESQ about Anonymous vs. Scientology and more specifically the protests at golden era productions, that you might have missed.

Also there are now three former Scientologists, who are sueing the church.
More details here:

Bernie said...

I appreciate your quiet and factual answer in the face of my somewhat inflamed post.

Well, I guess that if I missed the investigative reports about Anonymous it was because it did not make it to the top three Google news, which is the only thing I have time to read nowadays.

Today, what do I read there?

1.Scientology Volunteer Minister Helped at 23 Disaster Sites
American Chronicle - ‎2 hours ago‎

2.Scientology Volunteer Ministries Helping With A Hook Part Deux
Glosslip - ‎May 1, 2009‎

3.Scientology Founder Garners Third Guinness World Record
Business Wire (press release) - ‎May 1, 2009‎

Two Scientology PR articles (thus of little news-worthy value) and one Glossip article - glossip being likewise a rather worthless low level ignorable gossip rag.

If that's the top 3 news then I can safely assume that nothing much is happening one way or the other.