Friday, July 31, 2009

Gentle Countering

YouTube - The Truth About Amsterdam, RE: Bill O'Reilly loves Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an absolutely delightful town, and tolerance, together with the high-spirited Dutch mood is part of the package. I just love it, and Dutch people are some of my favorite people, together with Italians.

Fascist jerks at Fox of course don't like it. This little video is a wonderful reply, posting facts and pictures to contrast with wild claims.

This entry is not entirely off-topic, and the CoS could inspire itself to counter similar wild claims made by critics. I don't mean to say Scientology is not a cult, ultimately, but some of the claims critics make are even more ridiculous than Fox and deserve to be contrasted this way.


Unknown said...

With absolutely no disrespect intended whatsoever - you are deluded.

To even begin to try to claim that McPherson was not a victim of your (previous) twisted group of insane-o-philes is quite bizarre.

It seems that you are "out" of COS only by gesture, and not by mindset.

If you really cared, why not talk to the guys who found her? Why not look at the pictures of cockroach feeding-points (not bites... feeding points).
Why not begin to wonder at Mr.Travolta?
Remember the cash? the promises?

Why not present the "inscrutable evidence"? in the McP case?
Why not look more closely at the "dismissal of evidence"?
Why not look at Davis? Was he ever a speaker at a nutter patsyconvention? (sorry - i meant a COS bullshit talk)
Why not ask the REAL folks why the civil suit was dropped.

You are a patsy - no, worse than that.#; you are a willing patsy.

Bernie said...

I think Obama made a great point, not entirely unrelated to our favorite cult, when he spoke of "Foxology".

Maybe the parallel between this video about Amsterdam and Scientology isn't exactly parallel, because there's probably more to criticize towards the later than the former, but it can be made in regard to some of the claims made by critics.

I just found the manner with which this countering was done in the Amsterdam case just so sweet, and an example to be followed in the cases where it may apply to Scientology.

If you have ever been in Amsterdam for a sizeable amount of time you will instantly recognize the O'Really claims as typical Foxology.

The same goes for people with actual experience of Scientology when they hear some of the criticism leveled at it. It just does not compare to their own experience as a whole, and, in my opinion, those who think that the McPherson case can be generalized to a whole group are the ones who are "deluded".

This of course does not mean there is nothing to criticize about Scientology. There is plenty and some of these criticism are serious, but it just does not help to go overboard just as it does not help the anti-cannabis folks when they claim that Amsterdam has become a "cesspool of corruption, crime, everything is out of control".