Friday, July 25, 2008

Ex-Scientologists New Web Site

The ex-Scientologists message board is a forum that gathers to ex-members (though many posters are not ex- at all). It is created and "policed" by one "emma", who makes sure that all on the board cry in the same direction (banning those who don't). The forum now has its own web site, or more exactly, the forum is now just the forum part of a larger web site.

The new site is nicely organized, with the particularity that it works primarily as a database. Even pages on the site are just items, and they can be sorted by alpha or by number of hits. That's the nice part of it.

Otherwise, the site site is 100% anti-cult oriented and does not bring anything new. It basically is just another rehash of what you will find through zillions of so-called critical web sites.

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chuckbeatty77 said...

Please do a posting on Jeff Hawkins and Mark Headley.