Saturday, July 5, 2008

Freewinds Sailing Again Better than Ever

The Freewind had been stuck to port due to an asbestos problem. This greatly rejoiced critics who considered this event an "epic win". The CoS, however, fixed the situation with such a speed and efficiency that let critics astonished. In a dedicated thread, anons are let with expressions such as:
"damn, and I was hoping they'd scuttle the deathship"

"I am not an expert, but this seems almost impossible in the time frame they had."

"There is no way in fucking hell they managed to clean that ship in time. "
In fact, not only has the CoS cleaned up the asbestos, it also used this opportunity to completely renew the interior. The 20th Maiden Voyage Anniversary event was held on the Freewinds this past week and the four upcoming events will be shown as per this link at all the local orgs.

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