Saturday, July 5, 2008

Speculations about Excalibur

Anonymous has yet another thread full of speculation rather than hard facts, this time about Excalibur, the elusive work of L. Ron Hubbard that never was published and remains a mystery. They then jump from there to the "Admissions", supposedly written by L.Ron Hubbard too. Since the forum is moderated, there are no dissenting voice to point to the fact that these Admissions are in no way authenticated, and they based their whole discussion on the false assumption that LRH indeed wrote them.

In an ironic twist, one anon realizes that "The Crowd", work by Gustave Le Bon that resemble the little we know about Excalibur, "has a disturbing resemblance to the idea that is Anonymous". Indeed, since, in spite of all their boast, the anonymous phenomenon is hardly more than an ignorant crowd mentality reflected through the Internet singularity.

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