Thursday, July 17, 2008

Magoo's Super Dupper OT Powerz

Tory Magoo, opinion leader of Anonymous, now has "super powers" too.

During a visit to Saint Hill, in the UK, she and fellow Mark Bunker went for a walk as of course they could not gain access to the organization.

"Back in the trees, a bit down the road, we found a storage container that Tory felt was full of PC folders."
This is not written as a joke or satire but in all earnest by Emmy Award winner Mark Bunker! They went on harassing the guy in that container on that basis.

Now, anybody who has a modicum of knowledge about the CoS would know that the possibility for the CoS to keep PC folders in a container outside from the organization and among the trees is practically nil.

Tory Magoo , being a long time Scientologists, should know that. But no, she FEELS that the container is "full of PC folders".

And there I thought "Magoo" meant "nearly blind and constantly confused". I was wrong. She really DOES have super dupper OT powerz after all...

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