Thursday, July 17, 2008

Google Trends Follow Up

LA Times featured an article last July 14 on how Anonymous tricked Google Trends with false information.

In a follow up article, it explains that these results are achieved by
searching for the malevolent terms en masse, skyrocketing them up the ranks.

It also notes about the comments to the article that
"many of those responses were immature or snide remarks, seemingly coming from 4chan members, which prompted Zoey Hampton to write: "The comments make it very clear that the members of 4chan need to get a life, as well as learn to spell and write cogently."
which is the impression I get in general when reading comments left by Anonymous members.

Some of the selected comments went along the same line:
"Indeed! As we enjoy a more free communication, so too with schoolyard bullys, semi-literates and disruptive elements."
"In days gone past it took great effort to rouse a demonstration. Today it takes only a few phrases on a disruptive website, a few minutes of discussion, and a few dozen computers running dedicated software"

"People dedicated to disrupting normal communication have found their comfort zone on the internet"

"Scientology may indeed be a cult, but these anonymous mask-wearing website-hacking "kids" (and I use that term loosely - many of these 4chan troublemakers are middle aged and living at home) are far more dangerous. Committing vandalism and hate crimes are NOT just "kids' play""
Still, LA Time is interested in continuing the discussion and posit the interesting interrogation:
"What's your take on the issue? Tell us whether you think 4chan's Google bombing is overstepping the boundaries of Web decency, or if it's just something that comes with the territory of an open dialog?"

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