Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Censorship at

Another arbitrary banning from, that of "Lily", the ARS posters known for blaming critics for being OSA agents in disguise because they make critics look bad with their bloated criticism.

Unlike the French girl in another case, Lily was clever enough not to let herself divert to the "Thunderdome", but stayed in the thread where discussion was taking place. Anonymous had no other "choice" to silent her than to ban her - in another glorious demonstration for their love of free speech. Even the reason they found to ban her is silly because she took care not to infringe any of the rules. What is more, they even deleted her posts from the thread!

And remember - these are the people who claim that the CoS demanding that a copyrighted and off-topic video of Tom Cruise be put down is an "attempt to crush free speech"!

Surprisingly, or not, even one anon mention that censorship in does not go unnoticed:
"There have been several critics banned from over content posted regarding Noelle North & Subway. Is it fair? No. Is it censorship? Maybe. The folks at Enturbulation have been accused of conducting the same kind of censorship that the Scilons have long conducted on a much larger scale."

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