Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anonymous Discovers My Blog

Anonymous finally discovered the existence of my blog, through the post I made about the Black Op 8-8-8. I must say, there are still many anons as I get loads of hits from that thread on (EO).

What I don't understand is that in the thread and in comments to my post, they point to two links to show that the 8-8-8 was not an utter failure. One is about a radio show, and the other about news uncovered by Anonymous that high ranking CoS officials are illegally in the UK. None of these two examples have anything to do with anything they spoke about a return to phase I hacking the CoS and other pranks. It has everything to do with what Anonymous has been doing all along without any Black Op being involved, promoting anti-Scientology stances in the media and uncovering anything that could damage the CoS. So I really fail to see the relevance of these links.

I just now checked again It is loading damn fast. I checked Google news again, not a single article about Anonymous Phase III events.

So, sorry, from where I stand it is still a monumental failure. They were hoping to get back the rash of news they got when they started to hack Scientology websites and they didn't get even a single news article, and this was several days before the news of Isaac Hayes' death took over the Scientology-related news. Quoting two totally irrelevant links does not help a bit.

Now this is also just the first part. The Black Ops were not a goal by themselves. They were also supposed to bring back the lulz and people in the fold. We'll see about that later on, but excuse me if I have my doubts about it.

By the way that thread in EO contains also a wide variety of comments about my blog. I don't have time to address them now but maybe later. By all means they are similar to what has been said about me and my site already but whenever I find the time, I'll try to address some of the arguments made.

Thanks for watching, Anonymous, and don't think I am anti-anonymous myself. Lots of bright people trying to do what they think is right. What I am only saying is this: try to check things out further than what is first apparent. Things are far more complicated than the simplistic presentation made on critical web sites. Going around just repeating these is neither original nor effective in the long run.

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