Sunday, August 10, 2008

Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop

I tried to browse two Scientology web sites yesterday and one wasn't available, while the other was just so slow loading that it basically was stuck as well.

I was wondering whether Anonymous was at it again, as they did make threats for starting their mischievous acts again on August 8.

However, on the evening, the sites were loading just fine. I also did not hear any other complain, either from ARS or through the news.

In fact, today, Google news on "Scientology" was lower than ever. Not a single mention of Anonymous' supposed attack, and in fact barely just a couple of general Scientology news articles, mostly from notoriously biased news outlet such as Indymedia of Glosslip.

If Anonymous did anything, it was just another phenomenal flop. The movement really seems to be dying.

Another sign of its moribon state is that for a long time now, we don't even get the "week in review" from either.

We'll see anon's health on the next protest on August 16.


Anonymous said...


As a critic of Scientology, I want to ask what YOU exactly do. Do you simply shake your fist at them from behind your computer screen?

As for 8-8-8,

There are also rumors of Scientology's outgoing mail server being down.

Anonymous said...

moribon, huh?

you have fun with that.