Monday, December 1, 2008

Angry Gay Pope in the News Again

I already pointed out the tasteless and harassing tactics of one of the Anonymous members going by the nick name of "Angry Gay Pope" (AGP). See here, here, and here.

Jeff Jacobsen seems to agree with me after another display of AGP's "talent".

Mark Bunker, on the other hand, in spite of making reservations about him, justifies his behavior using the "Gays and Scientology" myth.

I really like Mark Bunker as a person. I really do. But sometimes I wonder where on earth he misplaced his insight.

The fact that AGP is gay or not has nothing to do with his behavior. It has everything to do with the fact that he is a bully by nature. Pitdown Man is also gay, and yet I am sure he would never bully Scientologists for no better reason than the fact they are Scientologists.

Mark also writes "facts over harassment will win everytime". This is only partly true. Context is almost as important as facts. As an old saying goes, "Truth without love is cruelty".


Rebecca Hartong said...

Scarff is still around? Ai yi yi... I agree with you and Jeff. This sort of thing is just obnoxious.

Unknown said...

I don't justify or approve of AGP's behavior. I said his anger was justified, not his actions.

I was one of the first to commend Jeff for speaking out against AGP's behavior.

And how do you deny Hubbard's views on gays when it's quoted right from Dianetics?

Bernie said...

Thanks for the clarification Mark.

I can only make a very quick comment now because they are going to cut the Internet for a couple of hours (so they say, may take longer). I may develop things a bit later if necessary.

I am not sure the distinction you make makes a big difference. I would have to think about that.

As for Hubbard's views on gays, I don't deny them but I put them on a historical context and I also look at how they are actually being applied, as I developed on the page I referred to in the post.

Bye for now.