Monday, December 1, 2008

Clearing by Cartoons

I found a great way to clear up words and have fun at the same time. The resource is CartoonStock. Type a word and you’ll get a series of cartoons culled from various sources to illustrate it. Great demo and sometimes really funny at that.

Some may say that this is another application of the Scientology concept of "balancing mass and signification". I'll be sending Scientologists using the service my usual fee for providing such a great replacement of the clay demo table...

Tip: the search gives an overview of individual cartoons, like this, but if you edit the URL you can get the first ten hits on a single page, which I find more interesting, like this. Just change the word "smugness" by whatever word starting with s you want to look up (or change the starting letter for another non-s word). Did not find yet how to achieve same through the menu.

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