Monday, December 22, 2008

Anonymous Crashes CoS' Christmas Party

Anonymous made sure to be an uninvited guess at the CoS' Christmas party in Columbus, attended by Scientologists and their children. See how they brag about it here and here, with its usual cortege of approving and cheering anons and OGs.

I would say that, in addition to shrinking in numbers, Anonymous seems to have strayed very far away from its initial goal as well. When was the last time the CoS went to a Christmas party attended by critics and their children with signs branding them as criminals?

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Monica Pignotti said...

Good point. Anons also recently on ARS were encouraging people to go to a Toyota dealership where a recently departed ex-Scientologist is working and videotape him, presumably as a way to pressure him to go public about his experience as a top-ranking SO member.
With these kinds of activities, they really are in no position to point the finger at Scientology for harassment. It seems they learned nothing from the Keith Henson case. The phrase "pot, kettle, black" comes to mind although ironically, as the Anons and other cult busters appear to be stepping up their tactics, Scientologists seem to be somewhat mellowing. We know that things are getting pretty bad when Scientologists look (dare I say it?) reasonable compared to those that fight them. I recently came across an interesting quote that I just posted to my own blog by David Frankfurter, who wrote a book entitled "Evil Incarnate" debunking the satanic panic:
"the real atrocities of history seem to take place not in the perverse ceremonies of some evil cult but rather in the course of purging such cults from the world” (p. 12).
That about sums it up.