Saturday, December 20, 2008

Argus Hamilton on Scientology

I used to have a regular blog entry with comments from Argus Hamilton but I stopped it because it was really quite off-topic.

Argus, however, has two new Scientology comments, and on top of that they really are funny, as usual:

December 2:
Tom Cruise's new movie - "Valkyrie," opening Christmas Day - is the true story about the World War II German combat hero who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The actor desperately needs a hit. Scientologists are considered so weird in Hollywood today that they have to play Nazis in order to improve their images and save their movie careers.
December 19:
Tom Cruise apologized on the "Today Show" for pushing his Scientology beliefs on depression sufferers. He also thanked his parents for all their sacrifices for his success. Three times they sacrificed a chicken and once they sacrificed a goat.

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