Saturday, December 20, 2008

Musing on Bernie and Other "Stooges"

Even though I am not posting to ARS I get my daily dose of "criticism" from so-called critics in ARS, just for maintaining this blog and expressing views that are not approved by the ARSCC committee. Critics who happen to have similar views as mine, or who dare say that Bernie may not be a complete evil moron after all, get to be tagged likewise.

Just check this thread for entertaining reading.

Even Ted Mayett, who is far from being a "cult apologist" as he almost solo picketed the CoS for years long before Anonymous got its pampers changed, is now assimilated to one for the mere crime of expressing doubts about Anonymous.

Here is a poetic excerpt from this piece of high level "criticism" on the part of so-called critics:
As an apologist, he's comparable with J. Gordon Melton, the "scholar" who is periodically paid to suck David Miscavige's cock and studiously put a stamp of approval on the RPF gulags or commit other gross insults to modern civilization.
Pretty soon they'll have their own "SP List", reminiscent of the one that was once maintained on the now defunct Anonymous forum "", and of course just like the one of the CoS.

But of course "we are not cultists, they are" - right?

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pignotti said...

The person who made that posting is Eldon Braun, who doesn't seem to be the same since he lost the case involving Avatar.
I'm no fan of Avatar, but these days, Eldon seems to have moved on and misses no opportunity to trash anyone who doesn't hold to the most extreme anti-cult party line, as mentally ill and/or unrecovered from their cult experience. On ARS, he repeatedly suggested that I go "get a mental health check-up" and go on psych meds and in another posting accused me of criticizing anonymous because I "missed out on having kids".

He messed up badly, though, when he tried to accuse Tigger of being messed up by Scientology, since she was never in Scientology.
Braun has written on ARS that he considers himself a father figure to the anons. It is obvious that he bends over backwards for their approval by vitriolic attacks on anyone who dares challenge anonymous. Sad, really.