Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beck Youthless lists what is apparently a new release from Beck today. It is unclear whether this is a new CD entirely or if its the single release of one of the music critics' favorite track of Modern Guilt:
BECK YOUTHLESS Slacker hero Beck - despite reportedly having turned to Scientology - releases a typically funk-filled affair. Offbeat handclaps and simple guitar arrangements make this one of his most sparse sounding offerings in years. All the better for it too.
PS - Beck have not "turned to Scientology". He "grew up in and around it".


Only Love Can Do That said...

And when he tried to leave, the people who were trying to help him leave were murdered.

Bernie said...

Never heard of that. Any references?

Only Love Can Do That said...

Well, there's only circumstantial evidence. The people's names were Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. It's said they were intending to film a movie with Beck which would symbolically portray his relationship with Scientology.

Like many Scientology "suicides", there are two possibilities. It's possible that they actually killed the couple themselves; there are such policies. But they are at least partially responsible: Scientology's persecution of them as critics help lead them, as it does many people, into a dark and paranoid place.

Beck's true feelings about Scientology are unknown. They are unknown because he, like everyone else involved with this twisted organization, is afraid to speak freely. Regardless of what particularly he has to say, that in itself is damning enough. Only criminal organizations have such a desperate need for silence.