Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Not So SO-SO and the X Factor Combined

User ratings on Mojo are interesting, because the breakdown shows what I was writing about the fact that the film was no so so-so after all, and what I was writing about the "X factor".

Indeed, the breakdown after 157 votes is as follows:

As: 82 52.2%
Bs: 21 13.4%
Cs: 6 3.8%
Ds: 5 3.2%
Fs: 43 27.4%

See? The votes in the so-so (B) category are a minority. Most of the votes go in the A class , but because of important votes in the F category, the overall rating gets pulled down to B.

I have little doubt that part of the reasons for the F vote are due to the X factor.

In reality, the real film value would probably be around 8 rather than 7, where it currently is.

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