Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chris Guider

Scientology's little big man keen to 'assist' Dragons.


An article on Chris Guider, known for being the one "who played in all three grand finals on the one day", an exceptional feat which he attributes to Scientology:
"Through the purification rundown, which I did mid-1985, I went from being extremely fatigued after just one game in late 1984 to a point where I played three championship games in one day, all grand finals."
Being one of the smallest men ever to play, he became a target for giants and so became very creative around the ruck, a skill which he transferred to Hollywood's Celebrity Center, where he worked as a full-time staffer and where he aided people overcome their self doubts and reach the highest levels of performance.

Guider has now returned to Australia after a near 20-year absence and hopes to create what he calls "an ideal Scientology organization here in Sydney". He also wants "to ignite the fire with my old football club, St George Illawarra, and get them back to the top of rugby league".

PS - The article makes a small mistake towards the end by claim Anonymous is a group of ex-Scientologists.

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