Sunday, December 21, 2008

Give More than You Receive

One of the useful things I learned from Scientology was the notion of service. The most important thing you need to know for a business to succeed is to provide a service which people find useful. The way LRH develops this notion goes further than what may seems obvious.

I am traveling a lot and it always surprises me how people in developing countries try to make a profit by over-pricing their services. Well, it's human, but hardly the best approach. If they were pricing reasonably but concentrated on delivering a perfect service instead, they would ultimately reap considerably more than the petty gain they seek to make. They may even get rich. They don't know that, and that's of course one of the reasons why they struggle through life in the first place.

Bottom line, give rather than expect receiving. You may lose a little here and there, but ultimately you will find that things just come your way.

Of course, Scientology does not have a copyright on that notion, but I found a particular aspect of it quite nicely developed in an article rightly entitled "Why Give More than You Receive".

PS - when I was working in Saint Hill, U.K., I used some of my free time to hop on a motorbike and go to Brockwood Park nearby to hear Krishnamurti speak. When he was not speaking, he would sometimes mingle with the crowd in a humble way. For example, he would line-up for food just like everyone else. When someone would come to him to shake his hand and thank him, he would shake back and thank a hundred times more enthusiastically. This sometimes was funny because he was a small Indian type, and some of the Caucasians where strongly built types, but it remained in my memory as a perfect application of this principle, even onto small things.

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