Monday, December 29, 2008

Cruise Threat - an Unreliable Source

I now read the Valkyrie article of the (trying to find, to no avail, the article where they claim Cruise called in the FBI to protect him from death threats).

If anything, it certainly confirms my first impression that this news outlet is little more than a low-level tabloid rag.

Indeed, the article falls right along the one I analyzed on Dec. 26, and the one reported by John Brown on his blog. It unilaterally covers negative to ultra negative comments, completely ignoring the fact that in reality the reviews are mixed, with some very positive ones.

It also claims that
Last week the movie was given a roasting by German critics.
It just is, likewise, not true either, as I commented on my blog back in Dec. 12, and as this excellent piece by The National details.

To me, it's really journalism of the worst kind.

I guess some people delight in this kind of reporting, but I don't think anybody who really wants to be informed should take whatever they write seriously, or at least, be extremely skeptical and cross-check the news with more serious outlets.

Update: The Tom Cruise threat article is here. Why it did not come out on a search for "Cruise", I don't know.

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