Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fume, Seethe and Rage has an article that could have been written by a fanatical anti-Scientologist, so biased and unrepresentative it is.

Indeed, it makes it sound in the title, and throughout the article, as if film critics unanimously gave the film and Cruise two thumbs down.

It obviously is not true when you check out the facts through actual film critics web sites such as Metacritics, RottenTomatoes or IMDB. In fact, it is blatantly false and quite a shame for that web site and its author.

Here are some pearls:
"Horrible", "Tom Cruise's worst picture", "Nazi bomb" where all terms used by film critics who gave two thumbs down to Tom Cruise's latest film about the plot to kill Adolph Hitler, "Valkyrie"

critics say that next to the line up of British actors, Cruise's acting bombed more than the plot to kill Hitler

Perhaps the kindest comment towards the super star of Valkyrie might be to call Tom Cruise 'frustratingly stupid"

That would be Tom Cruise's only excuse to fans and come clean at some juncture with just how lousy Valkyrie really is
As for the anti-Scientology bias of the author, it comes out quite clear through this sort of sentences:
Anytime the Scientologist Supreme bows down before a hack pseudo news anchor and kisses butt in order to promote a movie you know he's been bent over the contractual clause of his contract.
John Brown reported another instance of such a press article on his blog.

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