Tuesday, December 30, 2008

David Miscavige Missing in Action

Mark Bunker reports that David Miscavige was all but totally absent from the New Year’s Event this year:
"my guess is he is either sick, incapacitated or handling a huge monstrous flap that only he can deal with. It would take something HUGE for him to miss an event like this!"
I agree!


Update: Just Bill reports that in fact none of the top management were present. No Marc Yager, no Mark Rathbun in view. The event was run by Tommy Davis, a second-string PR flack. Unconfirmed reports about Guillaume Lesevre and Heber Jentzsch being speaker at the event, but neither are part of International Management anymore.

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Rebecca Hartong said...

What's odder still is the phrase at the top of the poster:

The dawn of a future from which nothing will ever be the same again

I suspect that what they really mean is:

The dawn of a future in which nothing is the same.

The use of the word FROM instead of IN is what really makes it ugly. Even if they'd left "nothing will ever be the same again" (which is cliche, but... no surprise), it would have still made significantly more sense than "a future from which".