Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Valkyrie Online

Anti-Scientologist Paul Horner is linking to a video upload site streaming Valkyrie from his largely ignored and bigoted "Boycott Valkyrie" call.

The stream works rather well, and apparently you can even save the file (provided you have the add-in to do it).

As for me, I interrupted the video shortly after the first few pics, because I like to see it on a big screen with full effect. So I'll just wait.

The streaming is not going to make any significant difference to the film gross income, except possibly bring Paul Horner in trouble with the law.

Alternatively, maybe you'll get enticed and find it interesting enough to go and see the movie in a real theater... Sometimes these kind of things backfire in surprising ways...


Only Love Can Do That said...

I figure most of the people making noise about Valkyrie are just trolling, don't you?! They're not going to have any practical effect on whether people see some movie or whatever, but they're getting attention from you...

What does this even have to do with Scientology? I mean I realize TC is a Scilon, but other than that? There are a few thousand other people in the cult, so I don't really care about every time TC sneezes?!

Bernie said...

Yes - I think in part this is correct. For example Paul Horner is not as much interested in getting people not to see Valkyrie as he is to promote his anti-Scientology views on those accessing his boycott site.

As for me I do have many (too many) Cruise-related entries, but that's mostly because my blog is first of all a way for me to keep up with the news, and that's what comes up when I Google Scientology. As it comes up, I get involved too.

I hope it will dry out a bit now, because even I get tired in always commenting on Cruise sneezing. (The follow up to the film is going to linger a bit, though.)

Happy New Year!