Thursday, December 18, 2008

Falun Gong, Forcible Deprogramming, and China

Quite a long time ago (I believe it was 2001), I wrote a page about the Chinese government apparently being in bed with forcible deprogrammers to adopt/adapt their method to their own brand of indoctrination.

Now I receive the following e-mail:
I enjoyed your website and I have noted some of the same issues regarding the Chinese cooperation with "international anti-cult networks". Besides the wholesale adoption of the ACM material by the Chinese, I am perplexed by the new reeducation system being so dramatically different from the Chinese norm of reeducation camps. Do you know of specific instances of ACM consulting for the Chinese government? Or other consulting by westerners?
I did not follow the issue since then, and nothing came up at my conscious level during all this time. If anybody has information on that subject, kindly post it here.

PS - I also blogged recently about a similar instance I came about regarding Saudi Arabia. However, in that particular case, the participants still have what seems to be a reasonable level of choice as to whether they want to engage in such discussion or not. That makes the whole difference, and in fact, in such a context, I do think the approach is a good idea. It of course would definitely be a bad idea and a gross human right abuse if it was imposed through force, as seemed to be the case in China when I created the page seven years ago.

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bewiser said...

Not sure I can help with that, but did you see the article about organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners printed in the Weekly Standard? Check out