Thursday, December 18, 2008


Louanne is a Scientologists who does answer people's questions. The work he does is quite remarkable, and if all Scientologists would be like him, it may not be the kind of controversy it is today. Although...

Anyway, I believe this blog is his too, but, contrary to his other blog where he confronts questions, and to his web page, this one is linked through the Scientology Blogosphere, probably because the content is acceptable for broad publication within the Scientology network.

I must say that I never really took the time to start reading Louanne's blog or page in details, so my assessment is a superficial one. I don't even know if he is a he or if he is a she (is that proper English?). Nevertheless, the simple fact that a Scientologist opens himself to open debate and tackles with the many anti-Scientology myths is worth to be noted.

PS - There was another Scientologist (among others) doing that before, albeit not quite at this level. His name was Mike but I don't seem able to find his page right now. Here is an ARS post that quotes from his web site. He tackles with anti-Scientology myth #326 - gulp!

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