Thursday, December 25, 2008

Not One but Six Nazi Themed Movies for the Holidays!

Associated Press has a short, factual, and very revealing article on the fact that Nazi-driven movie dominates the holiday season and why.

Indeed, it explains that not one, but no less than six movies share that theme this holiday season!!!

Not only that, but it also turns out that, in the past, quite a few similarly-themed movies have reaped loads of Oscars!

And there I was thinking the release date was a bad choice! Now it makes a bit more sense, but it still is a revelation to me.

The article rightly asks the key question:
So why, during what's supposed to be the cheeriest time of year, this abundance of stories from one of humanity's darkest hours?
And answers:
The Holocaust is a ripe subject for writers and directors to present on the screen issues that resonate even today as we cross into 2009.
A must read!

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