Thursday, December 25, 2008

Surprising Results in New Valkyrie Reviews

Second intensive day for reviews of Valkyrie, with some interesting results. On the whole, the average-to-positive trend is confirmed, but the fact that it may be better received by the public at large than by professional critics becomes more likely.

Indeed, Metacritic has now three times more reviews with a total of 15, giving a more representative average, and not surprisingly, the total has slipped from 67% to 59%. Still no review get a higher note than 75, and there is only one really bad review at 20.

However, surprisingly, RottenTomatoes meter goes up from 57% to 62% as more reviews are being posted! There are now 32 positives reviews for 20 negative ones.

As for IMDB, the positive review that was featured so far, with an 8/10 rating, is now replaced with an even more positive one, reaching 9/10 and bluntly stating in its opening line "One of the best movies I've seen in years"! Other users comments continue to be overwhelmingly positive, with only one very negative rating.

It is the IMDB user reviews that brings me to think that users rating may end up being higher than professional film critics ones, with potentially more unexpected positive surprises coming up.

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