Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anonymous Message to Scientology Taken Down!


"Anonymous' "Project Chanology" was launched as their initial "MESSAGE TO SCIENTOLOGY" video was uploaded. A couple days ago, the video mysteriously disappeared from the internet, along with the account hosting it"

Incredible... And this virtually on their one year celebration!

Apparently YT itself took it down, following some complain from some unknown entity for an unknown reason, which, IMO, is illegal. Everybody should have a right to know the reason they are being penalized so that they can contest it (which reminds me when Kady O'Malley and Rob Clark banned me from their pet IRC channel and they never responded to my request to know why even though the channel said to contact so and so... But then we are not dealing here with some supposedly open pet channels ran by "free speech" hypocrits, but with the almighty YT, for God sake).

Anyway... I did find an interesting comment:

"Anonymous said...


We are fucking sick of the continuous misuse of Anonymous.

Project Chanology will be used in reverse, yes you read that right, it will be used against every single moralfaggot, until they learn the lesson not to fuck with Anonymous. They are a bunch of fucktards wannabe heroes. The moralfaggots have been under the thumb of the old guard to this very day.

The wrath of Anonymous will be upon them.

Start finding your name. If your name is not listed its not because we don’t know it. We just want you to be glued to your computer screen chewing your nails every day to see if your name appears on our Internets. It won’t be just your name everything else about you and connected to you will be made public.

Anonymous took on scientology for the lulz. It wasn’t meant to be a fucking long prank. We had our lulz, we moved on.

We took down

WWP is getting inoculated with its very own anti-cancer cure.

We has WWP DB, and we have moar.

Do you think socal anon have a secret surprise that will be announced on 17 January? We know your doo dah plan and we will be there with you to fuck you up like you have never been fucked up before. That’s just a taste of what we are doing for the socal cocksuckers. Other wannabe anon will get a different type of medicine for their cancer on January 17th.

Anonymous delivers.

*long list of names"
January 14, 2009 4:22 PM "

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