Monday, January 5, 2009

Mark Ebner Strikes Low

In 2006, Mark Ebner wrote an excellent article about Philip Gale's death. The article was such that Mike Gomez removed Philip Gale from his Scientology associated deaths page because it convinced him that Scientology really was not implicated in it (as if Scientology has that more a role in the other deaths listed on that page but that's another subject).

Philip's mother played an important role in Ebner's article, providing him with many precious information.

There was one condition she put forth, though, as Mark wrote himself in the article:

"She agreed to talk about Philip on condition that his story not be used to attack Scientology."

However, Mark is now so enthusiast at the opportunity to capitalize on the emotional wave of Jett Travolta's unfortunate death that he just could not resist to include Philip on his new page. The page tries to associate Jett's death to other supposedly similar "Scientology-related" deaths and incidents.

By using the story of Philip Gale in a vile attack against Scientology, he betrayed the trust Philip mother's bestowed on him, and which was the condition under which she released the information that helped Mark's article to become a success.

In so doing, of course, he also betrayed his own integrity.

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