Monday, January 5, 2009

Tim Kenny Commits Suicide

I just found out that Tim Kenny, the father of the autistic child quoted as the source of Mark Ebner's article about Travolta and his son, committed suicide last March.

Another sad news for 2009 :-( My heart goes out to his family.

Update Jan 5:

Mark Ebner in fact reported the incident in May.

Through the comments, we learn that Tim was fiercely anti-COS:
"My husband Tim Kenny was a wonderful man and a huge supporter for autism awareness and a crusader against scientology. he hated scientology and all that it stood for. he was very proud that he stood up to John Travolta and his suicide was due to fnancial problems."
Anti-COSers are of course blaming his death on Scientology (who else?):
"... [various death blamed on the COS] ... Tim Kenny (a neigbor of the Travoltas who had called child protective services on them, dead of an apparent suicide"

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