Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flag Event Featuring Bart Simpson on OT VII Tonight

The much talked about Flag event featuring Bart Simpson (read: Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson) is happening tonight.

Stargazing | Rubina from “Slumdog”; Rebecca Mader from “Lost”; Lisa Lampanelli, Noah Wyle - Kansas City Star:
"The Church of Scientology’s Flag World Tour is tonight in Hollywood, and one of the speakers is Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson. There has been some heat this week because Cartwright was using Bart’s voice in a pre-recorded message to promote the event."
The pre-recorded message has been widely featured in the press because Nancy used the copyrighted voice of Bart mixed with her own voice in the message to promote her appearance in the Flag event.

Pity it made such a scandal, because I for one found the message funny. Besides, isn't Bart Simpson known for making prank calls? Play it here below:

Aye carumba! Bart Simpson is spruiking Scientology - Times Online:
The actress credits Scientology for much of what she has achieved.

“Before Scientology I had one dream of making a living, from doing voice-overs for animation,'' Cartwright said in 2006.

“After I became a Scientologist my abilities expanded so far and above what I originally dreamed that I've amazed even myself.''
Bart Simpson's Voice Speaks for Scientology - E! Online:
"But although Cartwright has been a practicing Scientologist since 1989, the veteran voice actress had no outward problem helping The Simpsons poke fun at her religion in the 1998 episode 'The Joy of Sect,' in which the family joins the cultish Movementarians, whose members ultimately aspire to live on the planet Blisstonia."
Bart Simpson's voice being used to promote Scientology event:
"Cartwright also provides the voices of Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum and several other Simpsons characters on the show. She also voiced the character, Chuckie Finster, on Nickelodeon series, 'Rugrats' from 2001 to 2008."
The Canadian Press: Nancy Cartwright uses Bart Simpson's voice to push Scientology:
"The Fox network would not comment, but 'Simpsons' executive producer Al Jean said the message wasn't authorized by the show, which has never 'endorsed any religion, philosophy or system of beliefs any more profound than Butterfinger bars.'"

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