Monday, February 2, 2009


Most solutions, when found, are simple and elegant.

However, they often involve a "higher view", i.e. a thinking out of the box.

As long as we are thinking from within the box, things may seem perplexing and insoluble. We don't realize that the box itself is the problem.

The most important thing in trying to find a solution to something is to first put ourselves in a frame of mind that would allow for the solution to occur. That frame of mind often is the solution itself, because it pulls us out of the box. It would allow "insight" to occur.

An in-sight is something of a curious, mysterious, phenomenon. It is rarely brought from thought or thinking itself. We can't provoke it. All we can do is keep our house in order and let the window open to invite it in.

Insight is that something seemingly coming from a higher dimension that suddenly sheds light on some issue. It has that crystal clear quality to it, and that quality itself comes within a framework that seems to be made of absolute order and links us with thousands of other qualities that goes with it.

Thought itself will only make you see, at best. the various pro- and con- of something, and since everything is relative, it will never bring the solution, because all of that thinking occurs from within the box itself. We need to invite a higher dimension to shed light on it, but it is not going to happen just because we ask for it. This is why, the first thing we need to do is to get ourselves in the right state of mind. Then insight may occur. Or not...

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