Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Muslim Cults Redux

AntiCultControversies : Message: Re: Muslim Cults:
"[...] Unfortunately, most Christian literature about Islam and most Muslim literature about Christianity are biased. For now, I can name only one book which is not biased - "A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue" by Badru D. Kateregga and David W. Shenk. One of the authors is a Christian, the other is a Muslim. They present the main concepts of their religions. BTW, they are friends, and their discussion is very kind and peaceful.

"[...] No Christian will rely on Muslim literature about Christianity as the only reliable source about Christianity. In the same way, I think the most reliable source of information about Islam is what Muslims write for Muslims.

[...] I have seriously studied Muslim theological literature, including:
1) 8 Russian translations of Koran (some of them with comments);
2) 2 Tafsirs (Koran commentaries) ;
3) several books of hadiths, including the most respected Sahih Al-Buhari and Sahih Muslim (hadiths are stories about Muhammad which consist Sunna which is the second source of Islam after Koran);
4) several books on Aqida (Muslim dogmatics) and also many other literature.

[...] There are
too many myths on both sides. I do not think debunking of these myths is the purpose of this group. However, those who are interested in discussion of these things can contact me privately."

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