Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Muslim Cults

AntiCultControversies : Message: Muslim Cults:
"Recently, I met two people who left Sufi cults in an Internet group for ex-members of cults. As far as I understand, both are Western people. Both complain that they are unable to find any information about Sufi cults in Internet."
There's something I find rather disturbing with Islam in general. Initially Mohamed promoted a soft Islam. It did not take root very well. It's only when he started to promote the hardcore Islam, that actually used violence, that it started to spread.

Isn't that somewhat disturbing? Today, we see still see much of that happening, and not just through terrorism. Under the Sharia, leaving the Muslim faith is punished by death. How's that for a rather drastic form of disconnection? And many of the rules and penalties under the Sharia would make all the alleged "crimes" of Scientology mere child play...

I do not mean to say that Islam should be condemned as such. I have met and read from many peaceful and bright individuals who were using it as a path to God, sometimes in more peaceful and moderate ways than some Buddhist monks. Nevertheless, I find the condoning of violence in an Islam context disturbing - and sadly, it often seems to work... I guess anons would need more than just masks to protect themselves if they were to protest a Muslim cult. Much easier to just attack soft targets...

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