Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Resistance to Indoctrination

AntiCultControversies : Message: RE: [AntiCultControversies] Re: Debunking Hypnosis Myths:
"Do they become indoctrinated? Recent evidence says no, college students are rarely influenced by theirprofessors to change their position on important issues. This is contrary to what was previously thought where accusations were being made that 'liberal' professors were converting conservative students."
You would be surprised at how resistant people are to indoctrination and their ability to retain critical thinking skill in the mid of heavy propaganda. That's what happened in the Soviet Union, and more particularly in its satellite countries. People basically knew that the TV propaganda and other propaganda outlet were basically bogus. They just feared speaking about it, that's all. There was a joke in Hungary back in Communist time that went like "There is only one Communist in the whole country - it's just that nobody know who it is...".

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