Saturday, February 14, 2009

Operation Chaniversary in Sydney.

Good balanced article on the upcoming Feb. 14 protest in Sydney - dubbed Operation Chaniversary.

Anonymous gears up for anniversary protest:
Internet collective Anonymous will take to Sydney's streets on Saturday in a protest marking the one-year anniversary of its battle with Scientology.

Similar protests will take place in over 100 other cities around the world in what is being dubbed "Operation Chaniversary".
"Sustained" in the paragraph below is the word. Though numbers have dropped, anons did keep at it on a regular basis for a year:
It's the latest stunt in one of the strangest protests in recent history, which has seen a disparate bunch of internet denizens launch a sustained assault on the controversial, celebrity-studded religion.
Anonymous more a meme than a group as such:
Anonymous is difficult to define, being more an internet "meme" than a group as such.
The split personality of Anonymous:
"Unfortunately enthusiasm for the campaign has certainly dulled … a lot of people are saying it's no longer Anonymous at all."

Much of what Anonymous does is "trolling" or "griefing", which involves causing trouble for a target through prank phone calls, hacks and other means, often illegal. [...]

But with the protest against Scientology, some Anons had found "serious business" that was just as important as "lulz", a term that roughly translates to having a laugh at someone else's expense.
Anonymous does take care that no one gets hurt, at least not physically. Psychologically, they do hurt innocent people through stalking, though:
"The way we protest goes back to our roots as trolls, but we make sure keep it legal and make sure no-one gets hurt," the Sydney-based Anon said.
I don't really believe anons get paid for protesting, though I am not quite sure what people like the Gay Pope mean when they say that they are paid to protest Scientology.
"We've found some of the kids who have been involved in the Anonymous protests, we've been told by some of them that they get $20 to come along to the demo," Ms Dunstan.
I believe the following is true. Some people realized that they acted out of ignorance and prejudice, and are sorry for their hurtful actions. Of course, they are afraid to come up publicly with it, lest they be the target of anonymous self-boasted "darker side". As I pointed earlier, the CoS is also trying to capitalize on the curiosity created by the protests to try and get their line across, using "know more about it before you criticize" line.
Ms Dunstan says several former Anonymous members have since approached the church to learn more about its creed and, in some cases, to apologise.
Finally, the article ends on an ironical statement. "There is life outside." Life outside? Coming from people who choose to spend their Valentine day protesting Scientology and who have been busy at it for over a year? Anons really live in the shadow of Scientology, and are about as much entangle with it as members, except that they of course don't benefit from its positive aspects:
"It's a complicated issue, but they're the yin to our yang pretty much. They are great people, but we're just hoping they realise there's a life outside that wants them back," he said.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who attended this protest yesterday, had the time of my life, partied like crazy in the evening, followed by spending a wonderfully sappy and romantic night with my girlfriend afterwards, I think your last statement was pretty poor.

As far as Anonymous not benefiting from the protests, I'd also say you're wrong. I've observed a dramatic increase of maturity, personal growth and social strengthening in virtually all Anons since the protests have started, myself included.

Aside from that though, we're not in this for the benefits aside from the laughs. Doing the job and seeing the results is what makes this worthwhile.

In short, Chaniversary was frikken awesome and Vicki Dunstan is a lying failtard. Evidence or GTFO <3