Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scientology Counter-Attacks at Cal Poly Campus

The CoS seems to be currently using the wave of interest raised by protests to promote Scientology.

The motto is "what people criticize is not Scientology. People should know more about it in order to criticize. We want to dispel rumors and misconceptions".

I call this Scientology "counter-attack".

An example is below, and a video excerpt, with a good sample of feedback is on Youtube at

Speaker comes ready to explain, defend Scientology - News
Scientology, the religion that has grabbed mainstream attention thanks to its celebrity followers, sparked curiosity on the Cal Poly campus last night as a church leader came to clear up what he calls misconceptions surrounding the religion.

More than 100 students attended the speech, which was sponsored by Cal Poly Theisms. As seats filled up, many attendants stood while others watched a broadcast in an adjacent room. [...]

He also cued up clips from a DVD aimed to help clarify some Scientology concepts. [...]

"I have heard every strange thing and misconception there is about the Church of Scientology, so it's hard to shock me," he said.

Holzinger said he is aware of the rumors and controversy Scientology breeds and he wants to dispel some of the negativity by discussing what Scientologists actually believe and practice.

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