Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ursula Caberta Wants to Give Up

Scientology-Gegnerin Caberta geht im Ärger | hpd (in German)

Ursula Caberta is angry that her job as head of the Working Group on Scientology is not valued enough and has asked a transfer.

Recent news have been devastating for Caberta.

On Nov. 22, Germany declined to ban Scientology, with comments that clearly showed Caberta's allegations to be ridiculous.

On Jan. 22, Valkyrie, the latest and controversial movie of Tom Cruise, received a five-minute standing ovation in Berlin, in spite of Cruise being a prominent member of Scientology. There is no doubt Caberta considered this and the subsequent success of the movie as another failure of her work.

Her only "success" was to gain the support of Shallonymous - which counts for nothing since they precisely are just that: shallow and nowadays mostly ignored.

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