Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maxim Does Anonymous

Maxim, one of the most popular men's magazines in the US with a subscriber base of 2.5 million, published a very good article about Anonymous vs. Scientology.

Nicely written and documented, it contains excellent graphics.

This being said, the content is a bit lacking when it comes to Scientology itself, but it has a very good historical perspective on the development of Anonymous.

Another criticism is that the article is a bit complacent with Anonymous self-aggrandizement proclamations such as:
"A new dawn of social protest"
"Our generation movement"
"A big social experiment"
Sooner or later anons may realize how stupid they have been for uncritically swallowing that much crap from the Internet and may feel a bit ashamed for having been a participant in that "big social experiment".

One last thing, the statement that Anonymous protested "sometimes with more than 10,000 people" is a bit exaggerated. Even by their own inflated statistics, Anonymous never reached 9,000.

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