Friday, December 12, 2008

Anonymous 2.0 Redux

Recently I blogged about how a faction of Anonymous wants to distance themselves from their prankster reputation. In a subsequent article I pointed out the reaction of the original Anonymous to this trend. All the different factions want to find the real cause of the drop in numbers. Another faction of Anonymous decided that it was because Anonymous strayed from the lulz, as is visible through this post from an anti-anonymous website of the supposed Tom Newton (who is not the Tom Newton who posted to ARS).

This is nothing new. Anonymous already attempted this later after the Magoo debacle, something they called "The Return of the Lulz", and which changed absolutely nothing to the situation.

Things have evolved and January 2008 is not necessarily January 2009. The Cos did not crumble after the massive protests, some of the anons got better educated and decided they would have more fun playing Warlords and posting hentails than protesting the CoS which, after all, is not as bad as they thought, Tom Cruise got back some respectability, the novelty aspect of the masks and all that sort of things have now become old...

And therefore I don't think that anything Anonymous will try will bring back the numbers. The best they can do is to get more educated and go beyond the crude presentation made by the Old Guards, unless they want to turn as old as the Old Guards themselves.

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