Friday, December 19, 2008

Barbz Gets a Letter

I previously made reference to the ongoing debate at the Riverside County regarding a proposed anti-picketing ordinance.

Barbz published in ARS a letter from Supervisor Stone's sister in reply to the letter she sent:
The "hatemonger" comment was directed to a group called ANONYMOUS, a very hateful group of people that wear masks and caps similar in message to the KU KLUX KLAN. Supervisor Stone made this clear at the Board meting with a display of their inappropriate materials they proliferate. [...]

To summarize, the "hatemonger" comment was intended for the group calling itself "anonymous." If you belong to that group then he did in fact mean to include you.

Barbz must also have made some claim about the anti-Scientology myths of people being forcefully detained at Gold, as Stone's sister included in her reply:
If anyone is coerced and held against their will at this or any religious compound, he would not condone such activity and encourage complaints be made to the Sheriffs department or District Attorney's office OR the grand jury if the identities of those making the complaints) want to remain identityless.

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