Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where is the Lulz?

In a blog entry yesterday, I wrote:
Anonymous 2.0 may be more concerned with ethic, but they have become more like stratefied Old Guards, all the while having lost some of the revolutionary aspects that appeals to young people, like the systematic questioning of every established concepts.

As for the original Anonymous, it seems that they have taken some distance with the anti-Scientology protest, as is rather evident through the crashed protest statistics, and through the fact that they apparently DDOSed their former venues: and WhyWeProtest.
Now we have a blatant illustration of this, in an article written by Anonymous 1.0, and in which he states, among quite a few other things with which I personally agree:
Instead of becoming lulz you have become the anti-lulz


Fuck you, 'new Anonymous'. In more ways than one, you have become as bad as the dangerous cult of Scientology.
Anonymous 2.0 does not seem indeed a real upgrade of Anonymous 1.0 - or, if you want, the "upgrade" is of the sort of that backup software (sorry I don't remember the name) years ago that dominated the market and that released a major upgrade with an "improved and modern" interface so bad that they could sell it out separately as a labyrinth game - and which lead them losing the market over night.

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