Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anonymous Picks the Wrong Building

Several news article about Anonymous' goof during the Valkyrie premiere.

Report: Tom Cruise Outwits Anti-Scientologists

According to a report by MSNBC, the anti-Scientology group Anonymous did little to help their cause the other day, as they pulled off one of the lamest protests ever at the premiere of Tom Cruise’s new film “Valkyrie.” Looks like the tides are turning in Cruise’s favor. First he pulled off an interview on “The Today Show” and managed to seem--dare we say it--normal, and now, due to a group of inept protestors, the oft-ridiculed “religion” that is Scientology successfully dodged an attack. First Britney, now Tom. 2008 truly will be remembered as the year of the comeback.

Hours before the premiere, the group realized they’d obtained a permit to protest at the wrong place, as they discovered the premiere was taking place at Jazz at Lincoln Center, which is located in the Time Warner Center, not in Lincoln Center. Whoops. Sure seems like someone should have double-checked that...

In the end, Anonymous got their protest, but the new locale really wasn’t conducive to a good ol’ truly disruptive protest. In fact, the premiere organizers chose Jazz at Lincoln Center for that very reason. Explained a source, “Anonymous picketed outside (Cruise's wife) Katie's ‘All My Sons’ premiere and ruined photos by being in the background. They didn’t want the same thing. Tom loves being with his fans, signing autographs.
Anti-Scientology group Anonymous hoped to protest the Dec. 15 New York City premiere of “Valkyrie,” starring noted Scientologist Tom Cruise, but wasn’t so successful.

For starters, just hours before the premiere, group organizers realized that the event’s location was at Jazz at Lincoln Center, which is actually located at the Time Warner Center and not in Lincoln Center itself as they’d thought.

The difference of a few blocks meant a difference in police precinct jurisdictions, which in turn meant that they had to scramble to get a permit from the police to allow their protest (in the end, they did get their permit).

One source close to the premiere planning says that the choice to hold it at Jazz at Lincoln Center was made in part because it would be more difficult to protest — the location doesn’t allow for a big outdoor red carpet.

The net result: Anonymous, along with a German camera crew that followed the group to the protest and plans to air their footage in a documentary in early 2009, gathered at the premiere “but Tom never came out to talk to us,” according to one protester.
FAIL Protesters from Anonymous; wrong place, right time.

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