Saturday, December 27, 2008

Valkyrie - User Reviews As Predicted So Far

User reviews are slowly getting in the direction I predicted in previous blog entries when I said they would be better than that of professional critics.

From 5 users votes on Metacritic, it now grew to twelve, and the ratings went from 60 not 70.

No user reviews yet quoted on RottenTomatoes but the tab does say 72% for some strange reason.

As for IMDB, actually the most important and representative one, it gets a 67% after 777 votes.

So, with professional reviews hovering around 60% and user review hovering around 70% so far, and with a solid to very good gross income of around $8.5 million on opening and $17 million estimated for the four days holiday, Tom Cruise may be in pass of winning his bet (which, as mentioned earlier, he already won for himself anyway by pushing ahead with such a film for the sheer intrinsic value of it).

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