Friday, January 23, 2009

Anonymous Absent Presence in Berlin and London

As I wrote in my German and UK review of Cruise's premiere, Anonymous was all but absent from the press, except when Cruise signed a mask.

One of my regular commentators commented: "Well, they had two TV appearances in german TV. One in the news and one in a 45 min. documentary about Anonymous and Scientology."

Well, OK. We'll no doubt hear about that more from critics then.

Today, I read two references in the UK news outlets:

Cruise Wont Buy Into Jonathan Ross Scandal (from Evening Times): "Among the crowd were a small group of anti-Scientology protesters - Cruise is a Scientologist - wearing masks and waving banners."

So at least something...

You would expect that London, being the place that, by far, held the biggest number of Anonymous protesters, would come up with a sizable bunch for the premiere, one of their few remaining opportunities to get their masked face in the press.

So what happened? Did just a handful really come, or where there removed by the police?

The next press entry leaves me to think that something like that may have happened:

The 9 0'Clock News – Thu 22 Jan: "Famed for his mammoth meet and greet walkabouts on the red carpet, Tom didn't disappoint last night and the only hiccup was when one protestor had to be forcibly removed after holding up a 'Scientology is Evil' poster in reference to Tom's religious beliefs."

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