Friday, January 23, 2009

Ross Having to Read the Daily Mail as Punishment

The Independent has a much better article than the mailonline (now what do you expect...) about Ross' avant-premiere return.

I just love that line of Ross from the article:

'I have realised the error of my ways. For next three weeks I will sit in uncomfy chair and read the Daily Mail. That's punishment enough.'

More excerpts:

'Where were we?' The return of Jonathan Ross - TV & Radio, Media - The Independent: "Prancing on to the set of his chat show to the tune of Take That's "Never Forget", Jonathan Ross began his long-awaited public comeback yesterday with four words: "So where were we?" [...] Cruise made no reference to his host's misdemeanours, while Ross observed the strict no-questions-asked policy regarding Cruise's Scientology beliefs. [...] Since his suspension, Ross has tried to build bridges with his fans by chatting to them on social networking websites. Writing under the pseudonym 'Wossy', he has accumulated 14,000 followers on one site alone, discussing with them everything from his family holiday in Florida to his dismay at the demise of Woolworths and his abiding hatred of tabloid journalists."

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