Saturday, January 17, 2009

Magoo's Message to Travolta Now Gets Its Own Page

I now split my Magoo page to give the Message to Travolta episode it's own page. The series now looks as follow:
General entry page
The full 2003 affidavit with my comments
The Message to Travolta page with the details of her lies and censorship, as well as their justification, other testimonies regarding seizure medication, the details of what she says to the press, and the reaction of critics.

These pages are still under construction but overall already usable.


pignotti said...

That makes sense to me. FYI, her situation was also misrepresented on CNN by someone else who has jumped on this bandwagon. I have written about this on my blog:

Bernie said...

Ah yes. I must remember to include that too when I will come down to details the statements made to the press. For now I just have a link to a blog entry but intent to regroup them there in details.

Magoo said...

Bernie has twisted my words to a point that is beyond belief. I have my own page now? What possible motive would *I* have for lying about seizures or medicine? "Attention"? I don't think so. This is a VERY real thing, and no matter how many times you try to alter it, I'm here to tell *exactly* what did happen. You say I've changed my story:That is false. You quote some anonymous people? Not a source, dear. Remember: *I* Opened up the anonymous accounts OSA uses to slime people.
"She thinks everyone is OSA"? No, I do not. However, I can see a slime routine,where issues are "Dead agented" and all that is done is an attempt to slime a good critic....and this IS one.

I can easily see what motivations anyone has who are supporting
C of $, trying to make it as if "They'd never do that". I remember those lines well, from when Hubbard wrote the Guardian's office program, and got caught. He lied, sent his wife to PRISON, and the PR line was: "Hubbard would *never* do that". Right...and thus the Office of Special Affairs (The follow-up to the GO) was born. They've continued "Fair Game", and "Dead Agenting" which is all this is.
Not so? Then come on over and we'll go over it, line by line.You won't, I know, and there's proof of who you *really* are. Can't drive here? Then call. My # is on-line.

Happy New Year to all :) Tory/Magoo

Bernie said...

I should think that the pages I put up at the time and that are still online are rather clear. Anybody can listen to your video to travolta and read the press statements that you made at the time, then read your affidavit, compare the two sets, and make up their own mind. These are all your own words, not mine, no need to twist anything.

Your comment does not address anything specific - it only makes vague, general, and unsubstantiated accusations - strenghtening in that my assessment.